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Join us in celebrating Naturist living worldwide.  NaturistSol magazine takes you to the world's best nude living resorts, beaches and clubs without ever having to leave home.   Stunning ultra high resolution digital images bring the day and activity to you.    As a complement to our magazines we are also proud to announce the release of over 40 new DVDs from video taken during the Naturist events in our magazines.    Yes, you can watch these videos on high resolutions DVDs with options for freeze frame and zoom with crystal clear quality.    Wear your sunscreen, as it is so real you may get a sunburn!

Nudist DVD Collection
by NaturistSol

Castle Naturism Fun at the Nude Beach Sandcastle Contests

Hula Hoops

These are the highest quality Family Naturist DVDs I've ever seen.   The image quality is crystal clear and the content is real.   No paid actors here.   These are real family nudists who have gathered together for summer fun.   The DVDs show the Naturists (not the resort, the trees, etc. as other Naturist videos do).    You will get to know the men, women and children as you watch them enjoy life in the nude.   What a life!   We should all be so lucky...

The Family Nudist DVDs above are at:



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