Jock Sturges

Nude Photography Books of Children in Southern France's Nude Beaches

We used to present sample images from Mr. Sturges' books. However, due to the nature of his model releases, he has politely requested that we only present the covers from his books. In 1990, the F.B.I. raided his studio and confiscated all of his work and equipment, charging him with the production of child pornography. It took a lawsuit and a year to get his work and equipment back (although most of the equipment had been damaged beyond repair.) The grand jury, after being presented with 15 months worth of investigative evidence, threw the case out with a vengeance. It's extremely rare for a grand jury to throw a case out because they are only shown the prosecution's evidence. However, Sturges has been photographing the same families for generations. The subjects of the photographs flew out from Europe to testify on his behalf. And, he takes the unusually considerate step of requesting the subject's release for each exhibit of a photograph, in which they are featured.


Jock Sturges: Notes Photography by Jock Stuges

For those who are simply wanting a collection of large Sturges photographs, this will not fill the bill. For those who are interested in Jock Sturges, the person, and some background on his models this is the one to get. You get some background into his process and how he goes about his work. There is a collection of Polaroid shots he uses in formulating his approach to the picture. You are then treated to a wonderful selection of B&W images, most taken in 2003 with a few from 2000 and 2001. Several of the pictures have comments by the model. For several of his models, there is an update of their lives as they were photographed as they grew older. There is reference to the sheer work involved in processing and printing his photographs, but I felt it was greatly understated; dealing with an 8 x 10 negative format camera and film is not a trivial task, but the results are fantastic. Nor is getting the lighting just right on the beaches easy, but the use of light and shadow in his prints shows he makes it look easy. The latter part of the book touches upon his newer work in fashion photography. Misty Dawn nee Johnson has quite a few pages to express her thoughts on her long association with Jock. The dimensions of the book are not large, but it is put out by Aperture, which stands for high quality in printing works of photography.

Softcover, Black/White $40.00


Jock Sturges: New Work, 1996-2000 Photography by Jock Stuges

This is a gorgeous new book from Sturges. It's published by Scalo, the same folks that gave us Sturges' last book in 1996. The plates are the same quality in this new book, in other words super. They are sharp, clear, and show off the 8x10 format well. The first thing you notice about this new book is the size. It's HUGE at 14 1/2" by 13"! It really stands out at you. I think it was wise to get a larger format for these photo's. It gives the photo's space, which really brings out the scope of Sturges' work. The photo's themselves are fairly varied and show that Sturges continues to grow as a photographer. The family shots are lovingly done and show the amount of trust these folks have with Sturges, which is obviously vital. The inclusion of color photo's is brilliant! They really stand out against the moody B/W's throughout the book. Overall I'd say this book is well worth the price tag and a must for any fans of great photography.

Softcover, Black/White $40.00

Radiant Identities Photographs by Jock Sturges The photographs of Jock Sturges are the record of the people he cherishes: mothers and daughters, friends and children. Whether photographing on Naturist beaches in the south of France, or in the communes of northern California, Sturges is at home with his subjects. 60 black-and-white duotone photographs. An excellent book that sells out quickly.



Softcover b&w $29.95




The Last Day of Summer Photographs by Jock Sturges In 1990, the FBI entered Sturges's studio and seized his work, claiming violation of child pornography laws. Citizens, artists, and the media responded with outrage. With The Last Day of Summer, Aperature accords Sturges's vision the dignity and respect it so richly deserves. 60 black-and-white duotone photographs.


Softcover b&w $29.95



Jock Sturges (Museum f�r Moderne...), Frankfurt am Main Photographs by Jock Sturges This is the largest and latest title by renowned photographer, Jock Sturges. This huge hard cover book of Jock Sturges' pictures, most not published before, will certainly be a collector's edition. This book contains over 200 beautiful pictures. Most are images of early and pre-pubescent girls on the nude beaches of France and the Naturist communes in Northern California. Some photo studies follow the development of young girls into their teenage years and a few are of boys and families.


Softcover, Black/White $40.00

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